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About Us

The Kona Adventist Christian School (KACS) was established in 1963. It operated with one teacher for grades 1-8 in Kainaliu. On April 28, 1978 the groundbreaking for a new school campus in Captain Cook took place because of a generous donation from the Greenwell family. The KACS is believed to be the oldest private continuously operating school in the Kona area.

Enrollment at KACS is open to all families who value a faith-based education. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, age, or denominational affiliation. KACS is fully accredited and affiliated with the world's largest Protestant parochial Christian curriculum for keikis in grades K-8. Because our school is a small, family-type learning environment, there is a greater personalized attention and teacher-student interaction. 

According to the 2011 results of the longitudinal Cognitive Genesis study, students in Adventist schools perform a third of a grade level better than the national average. The data also concludes that the longer a student is in an Adventist school, the better they perform academically over time. This means that enrolling them sooner is the most beneficial.This data was collected from nearly 52,000 students from more than 800 Adventist elementary and secondary schools in the United States.

The Blueprint - Benefits of Faith-based Education