Here are some of the recent KACS happenings:

1.   Three visits to Kona Aquatic Center in February.  Mahalo to Mari, Mark, and Beth for assistance!  One visit to Keiki ponds was cancelled due to the weather, and students played baseball in field for P.E.

2.  Longtime friend and supporter of KACS, Jim Kiyabu, moved to Molokai, and sent a check of $123 for 153 lbs of macadamia nuts from the trees that his father planted.

3.  Pre-registration packets were delivered to Hispanic Church, English Church and mailed out to various interests with request for Feb 23 return date.  On 2-18-18, one packet has been completed and returned.

4.  Mahalo to our substitute technology assistant, Beth Ertl, and Mari Oskins, for set up and supervision of IXL Math, Geography, English, Spelling City, and Typing Pal.  Most students are working and earning certificates during 4 days a week at KACS.

5.  Weekly church bulletin inserts for school calendar of events are prepared and shared with our church members and visitors on Sabbath.

6.  Dr. Leon Matsuo loaned us his stethoscope for our students to hear their healthy hearts on our Jump Rope / Hoops for Heart Event.

7.  Class president, Mia Domingo, grade 8, organized and planned a Valentine's party for our students that included healthy snacks and valentines.

8.  Our community service project, raising funds for American Heart Association, resulted in approximately $500 in donations to help fund lifesaving research, learn about heart health, and increase their own fitness, coordination, and skills with our Jump Rope/Hoops for Heart Event.  Special thanks to our volunteers, Beth, Mari, and Julie Alani!

9.  We have part of our Bible class weekly meeting in the church sanctuary, with our student leaders given the opportunity to select hymns, pray, and read a selection from the Bible, as some of our students don't attend church regularly yet. They also help close blinds, turn off lights, etc.

10.  Produce is provided to our parents and church visitors for a donation.  Mahalo, Bernard, for bananas, avacados, papaya, citrus, etc.  Donations are solicited for the benefit of our students.  Students spend a few minutes weekly picking up macadamia nuts.

11.  Mahalo to Mari and Joy for giving a ride to and from Kraftsman Auto for my car repairs from a "hit & run"  in January with my 2011 Honda.

12.  Mahalo to Karl Murashima for continued yard work.

13.  Mahalo to Ki Emler and Patrick McGuire for continued kitchen work.

14.  Mahalo to Beth Ertl for bathroom cleaning.  New toilet seat to be installed in boy's bathroom.

15.  Online fundraiser for Bev Church birthday should result in over $400 for KACS soon. (social media)

16.  Mahalo to Valerie Oskins, board chair, for spearheading Zapara Apartment cleaning / transfer project!  Miraculous!

17.  Mahalo for scheduling workbee for March 4.

18.  Some of KACS keiki are included in the latest Pacific Union Recorder picture/ad for Hawaii Adventist Education.

19.  Congratulations to our Courtesy King / Queen as voted by their classmates on February 15:  Kawai Oskins, grade 6, and Mia Domingo, grade 8.

20.  Mahalo to Julie Alani,head deaconess, for explaining how Communion Service is prepared, symbolism, and practices, in Adventist Church on Feb. 14. 

21.  May have 60-70 students/staff/parents staying on campus from Mauna Loa School in Hilo during March 14-16.

22.  "Create in me a clean heart . . . "